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Angie and Izzy

The year is 2008.

Angie was in her second year at University, Izzy had moved back to Birmingham and recently changed jobs. Izzy made friends with one of her new colleagues, who happened to go to university with Angie. One night - he introduced us.

We all went out clubbing, we clicked immediately and have basically been together ever since. 

We both felt at ease and relaxed with each other, it was clear from the beginning, we shared similar beliefs, ethics and values.


We shared a love of movies, dancing in clubs, murder mystery shows, cute animals and eating chocolate. We laughed at the same silly jokes, and hated the same people (think Kardashians)

In 2009 Angie Graduated! After this we both had a number of different jobs. Including managing marketing for dentists and a steel manufacturer, and paying dead people their winter fuel money.  

Roll on 2010 and we officially moved in together (with a few extra house mates to help with the bills).


We started to try and discover what we wanted from life, and knew we both wanted to do something different. We decided to take some evening courses; Izzy tried her hand at sign language and Angie took a cake decorating course.


We started making more and more cakes for friends and family and it sparked a passion in us both. A few photos, a name suggestion from Izzy's Dad and a Facebook page later, and Quality Cake Company was born.

Fast forward a few years to 2016, and 5 houses and several more housemates later, we finally got a mortgage and bought our first house.


With two cats, a sizable collection of Lego mini figures and 90+ Absolut vodka bottles, we started to feel like proper "grown ups"!

Having finally got a place of our own, we were able to focus on our passion....cakes!

Angie got a bonkers idea and started researching local businesses for sale. Low and behold, in the winter of 2016 a cake business went up for sale in Tamworth.


In 2017 with help from the Malin family, we signed the paperwork and bought this cake business.


In 2018, we re-branded that business to Quality Cake Company. We now work there every day along side Angie's sister, Lisa.

A few years later in 2021, having established the business, another new house on the horizon, and having watched a number of our friends get married, we finally decided the time has come for us to say "I do" 

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