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We had our photos back within two weeks, which immediately made us very suspicious. It was a long day with an early start, so we know there were hundreds of photos. Unfortunately, we were extremely disappointed with what we received. They are not horrendous, but well below the standard we had expected. They were very poorly edited, or overexposed. There were so many photos missing, and there wasn't a single full-length photo of the two of us! We did complain to the photographers and they re-edited some, but of course it wasn't like they could be de-done..... or could they?

We contacted another local photographer, whom we had come to know after attending so many wedding fayres with them. (which in hindsight we should have booked, but had already paid a deposit on the others) They agreed to re-shoot photos of the two of us for free. So the following week, we went back to the School House, at 9:00 am and took more photos of the two of us. 

In spite of this disappointment, so many of you were kind enough to send us photos you'd taken, and after getting the originals re-edited and the second shot photos came back, they really are a joy to see, they reminded us of so many special moments throughout what truly was the happiest day of our life! We now have over 1,500 photos (WOW) So we have picked our favourites and made some galleries, and now we can share them with you! 

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