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Your presence is more important to us than presents

We understand and appreciate that it is tradition to bring a wedding gift. However, your presence would mean more to us than presents.

That being said, we also understand you lovely, kind people may indeed wish to give us a gift on our special day. 

Having been together for as long as we have, we pretty much have everything we need, so no toasters required. 

If you would like to give us a gift, we would love a donation to our honeymoon fund. 

We have set up a wish-list with Trailfinders; a superb company that offer lots of fantastic destinations around the world. We haven't got our heart set on anywhere yet, and we anticipate that our honeymoon might be put on hold until 2023, when the world has learnt to live with coronavirus a little more.

Name: Wass

Reference: 5BL2MR

Details on how to contribute to our honeymoon fund:

1 - Click the 'Honeymoon Fund' button to link to Trailfinders

2 - Scroll down the page to "Make a contribution to a wishlist" 

3 - Login to our honeymoon account with the following details:



4 - Once logged in, go to the "make a contribution" tab


5 - Scroll down to fill in your details

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