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Important Information and FAQs

We hope you are as excited about our wedding as we are. To make sure they day runs as smoothly as possible, we have tried to list as much information as we can to make planning your attendance enjoyable and ensure the day to go smoothly.


Our Best Man and Bridesmaids aka The Bride Brigade are doing a fantastic job supporting us with our wedding planning, and they all want our day to be fun and stress free.


So prior to the wedding, please get in touch with us if you have any questions that are not answered below.


However, on the day of the wedding, if you have any questions, issues or otherwise, we request that you contact anyone from The Bride Brigade:

Sally: 07443 606852

Lisa: 07886 179915

Kerri: 07920 164788

Warren: 07523 050250

Venue Information

Our Venue is extremely accommodating, but have asked us to let our guests know a few important pieces of information:

  • Please pre-book taxis to get back to your accommodation before the end of the night. The venue will not be able to call taxis after the wedding.

  • Please do not bring alcohol to the venue.

  • Please do not smoke inside.

  • You are welcome to leave your vehicles in the car park overnight (at your own risk) but please ensure they are collected before 11am the following day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the venue cater to my diet?

Yes the venue can cater for all kinds of diets, including vegetarian and vegan. They will also cater for intolerances like soya and gluten.

When you RSVP you can request specific dietary requirements.

Is there a dress code?

Cocktail, jacket and tie!

It is a formal event, so we would prefer smart dress, suits, ties, and no jeans / trainers please. Think formal but fun, bling, boujee, cocktail, dressy, glamourous - whatever makes you feel amazing, and the more colourful the better! 

The bottom line is we want you to dress comfortably - we want you to enjoy the day.

Can I take photos during the ceremony?

We request that you don't take photos until the ceremony is finished. We have a professional photographer who will capture the ceremony, and advise when you can take photos at the end. However, the rest of the day - please take as many photos as you like, and be sure to share them with us afterwards.

Can I bring my children?

Your children are most welcome to attend. It is a long day and we hope you'll be with us for as long as the day allows.

Some guests have already said they will bring their children to the wedding, then arrange to have them picked up early evening by their grandparents, so they can enjoy the evening with a few drinks.


Others have said they are leaving the kids with grandma and grandpa for the day / weekend so they can party. 

If you are brining your children, please make sure you RSVP with their details as well as yours.

Again, we want you to really enjoy the day so whatever you prefer to do is fine with us!

Coronavirus (sigh)

We sincerely hope we do not go into lockdown again. If this happens, please check back here and we will update the site with more information. 

If you wish to wear a mask we support your decision. We will follow government guidelines with regards to face coverings.

The venue provides antibacterial gel - we request that everyone use this on arrival.

What time is the wedding?

The registrar is booked for 12:00pm. So please arrive and be seated before 11:30. 

Wedding breakfast is 14:30, so a sizeable breakfast wouldn't be a crazy idea.

The evening reception starts at 18:30

What time does the day finish?

The wedding finishes at Midnight

Do you have the number of a local taxi?

Acorn taxi's - 01827 63333

Lime Taxi's 01827 892229

Where is the ceremony?

The Ceremony is taking place at the same venue as the reception.


If the weather is kind to us, the ceremony is going to be outside, so suncream is recommended. For anyone wearing high heels - don't worry it is a paved area, not on the grass, but some photos may be done in the grounds after the ceremony.

Will there be evening food?

Yes we are providing food for our evening guests.

Can I post photos on social media?

Absolutely! We cannot wait to see photos of our special day - however please wait until the following day so we can post the first one.

Is there parking?

There is a car park at the venue.  There are a limited number of spaces, but there is an overflow car park. 

You can leave your vehicle there overnight, so long as it is collected by 11:00am the following day.

What is your wedding hashtag?


What IS a wedding hashtag?

For those unfamiliar with hashtags, it is a way for everyone who attends the wedding to keep track of the photos shared. If you post photos on social media, using our hashtag in the post, it means we can easily search for photos.

We will create a Facebook group for our guests, so we can all share photos with each other.

I have a question that isn't answered here, how can I get in touch?

Contact us:

Izzy: 07834327800

Angie: 07975862268

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